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Are you looking for help getting either an existing air conditioner repaired or serviced, or are you looking to have a whole new system installed in your Yokine based home or office?

If so then you’ve come to the right place! Air Conditioning AU are your number one when it comes to all things related to air conditioning servicing, maintenance and installation! We have experts in your area of Yokine and we’ll get to you quickly!


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Air Conditioning AU is an Australian based air conditioning company servicing your local area of Yokine. Our company specialise in domestic and office air conditioning solutions for pretty much any situation and budget.

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At Air Conditioning AU, we strive for excellence, making our main goal not just to fulfill the expectations of our customers but to go beyond them while maintaining a long term and cost-effective solution to any air conditioning requirement.

By having many years of experience in industrial and domestic air conditioning our well qualified team have never come across a job they can not handle.

Major Brands

Air Conditioning AU delivers quality a/c units and installation services that will give our customers exceptional air quality and comfort. This is designed in order to guarantee the most suitable style of system is selected and the capacity is sized correctly in order to save on electricity consumption.

Our experts also pay great attention to aesthetically staying within the decor with regards to all household, commercial, or industrial environments. Our experts take pride in supplying a vast variety of brands, including:

• Daikin.
• Hitachi.
• Fujitsu.
• Temperzone.
• Actron.
• Samsung.
• Panasonic.

Expertise When It Counts.

Air Conditioning AU has experienced air conditioning installation service technicians who are dedicated to professionalism as well as a high level of workmanship. They are trained to deliver complete installation with minimal disturbance to your operations. You can expect our courteous technicians to complete the job without delay and efficiently, seeing to it that schedules are met and work spaces are kept clear and tidy.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) is certainly a priority for our company. Air Conditioning AU prudently complies with OH&S procedures and policies in order to maintain a safe and hazard-free work environment. We also ensure all of our service technicians are up-to-date with all of these procedures and policies. As profession leaders, we make sure our air conditioning installation services achieve Australian Standards.

Our Process.

1. Give You The Best Advice.

At Air Conditioning AU our team appreciate that every single household and the way you live in your home is unique. Our approach to service is based around finding the most suitable fit for you, your household and your lifestyle. Because our team believe this, our team make certain that we are attentive to your requirements and offer you the best quality advice on your climate control needs.

When you choose Air Conditioning AU, you get the project seen through to the end. We will come to your property to carefully analyse your property and speak about your individual needs. Whether you have an existing home, are seeking to build a brand-new property, planning that extension or even simply considering an upgrade from your old air conditioning system, with our extensive inspections, evaluations, and planning you can be certain that you’ll be given the most comfortable and cost-effective air conditioning system to accommodate any home and budget.

Considering that electrical prices continue to increase, getting these kinds of initial steps correct is definitely vital. The little extra effort our team put in may save you thousands in long term running costs as well as making certain you receive what you need from your air conditioning system.

Your consultation with Air Conditioning AU will always be on time, professional and as accurate as possible. Our team believe in figuring out the specifics with the customer in the early stages in order to make certain there are definitely zero hidden or surprise expenses. Just honest, quality service from dedicated professionals.

2. Design Your System.

As soon as the initial planning step has been done, Air Conditioning AU shall supply a tailored proposal with the quotation. Our team are more than happy to review any of the details with you via your preferred means of contact. One of the most important parts about the design step is clarity of communication. Our team will design a personalized air conditioning solution that not simply fits, but performs flawlessly at home or business.

When it concerns brand new residential properties and additions Air Conditioning AU works in with your contractor and construction manager’s requirements. We are always readily available to accommodate pretty much any variations that may well emerge during the course of the building process.

Trust Air Conditioning AU to deliver the very latest in designs at a cost-effective price. Outstanding quality and price are not mutually exclusive at Air Conditioning AU.

3. Skilled Professional Installation.

On the day of installation our team of experts will be onsite at the agreed time and date, all set to get started. We recognize that your time is as valuable as our own and doing the job efficiently and effectively is crucial to us.

Our staff knows the importance of treating your property as they would their own. As soon as your brand new system has been installed your property will be left clean and tidy with ALL rubbish removed from site.

The last and final element of the process is to balance and commission air conditioner and ensure you are shown the proper use and care, with all service warranties and certificates issued upon the completion of your brand-new air conditioning system.

Count On Air Conditioning AU to deliver absolute satisfaction, efficiently, economically and professionally.

Air Conditioning Installations In Yokine

home air conditioner serviceAs a result of the Australian weather, a/c systems are a fundamental part of any property here. The majority of people put in substantial effort and time to pick the most suitable a/c system possible for their home or commercial property, but they often forget to hire the right company when it comes to a/c installation. This can prove to be a costly oversight because wrongly installed air conditioners are often not as efficient and have shorter life spans. You will never need to stress over that if you telephone Air Conditioning AU to install your brand new air conditioning system.

What Makes Our Company Stand Out?

Here At Air Conditioning AU, we aim to bring 100% satisfaction when it comes to a/c installation. Our staff exceedingly answer all of our customers’ requirements, and tender our air con services to all customers.

Our staff look for the right a/c system for your needs with consideration of your budget.

Specialists You Can Trust & Rely On

We make the effort to recruit the best a/c installers who take real pride in their work.

Our Air Conditioning Technician Standard:

# 1. Fully qualified and highly knowledgable technicians
# 2. Focus on efficiency and unit performance
# 3. Place the customer requirements first and foremost and advise only the most suitable solutions
# 4. On schedule, efficient and courteous
# 5. Dedication to long-standing assistance through our after-sales service

All Air Conditioning AU installation technicians have fully equipped vehicles and can respond straight away to carry out any installation work for all air conditioning systems. Get more information on commercial AC in Yokine.

What We Deliver

We offer a complete solution when it involves installing an a/c unit at your residential property or work place by:

Totally free Quote– Our company provide a free of charge quote, when you first telephone us. Our customer care technician will ask you a set of questions in order to ascertain your needs and supply an estimated cost so you can plan your budget.

• Sales and Delivery– You do not need to deal with a separate company and purchase your new air conditioning system elsewhere. We have all leading brands so you’re sure to find a system that serves your requirements.

Find out more about our air conditioning installation service here.

Yokine Air Conditioning Repairs

Warning Signs? Schedule Your A/C System Repairs Before Matters Really Heat Up

Your air conditioning system is the only thing that makes Australia’s hottest days of the summer bearable. When your air conditioning system is working properly, your home’s a cool sanctuary from the stifling heat and humidity outdoors. When it’s not, prepare yourself for restless nights, frayed tempers and for your stress levels to blow up.

air conditioning repair australiaIn the event that your air conditioning system has ground to a halt, or maybe it’s hobbling along as though it’s on its last legs, there’s no time to waste. Is your air conditioning system noisy? Does it rattle or gasp? Maybe it fails to cool down or warm up your property when you really need it most? Or has it just cut out unexpectedly? No explanation. Absolutely no warning.

Just a weird smell and a very high electricity bill? Seems like it’s time to organise your Air Conditioning AU repair or service visit!

Even skilfully installed and high quality air con systems experience hiccups along the way; think about just how frequently you use your air conditioning system. The height of summer, the chills of winter time, the unpredictability of spring time as well as the up and down autumns– your air con system is working overtime to produce conditioned air to your home or office. And at times, parts stop working.

In the event that you’ve experienced an issue, just give Air Conditioning AU a call on 1300 288 579 today.

Emergency Air Con Repairs Australia

Air Conditioning AU are knowledgable in all air conditioning emergencies. Our rapid call out service will dispatch a highly trained repairs expert to your premises, equipped with the expertise to complete the job and repair the unit to full function within a quality driven time frame.

You do not need to be an existing customer; our team deliver air conditioning system repairs throughout Yokine in Australia.

The Air Conditioning Repairs Process

Want to know the Air Conditioning AU’s repairs process?

We arrange a suitable date for a repair work review, since our technicians will establish the fault on-site at a time that works for you.

See more about our AC repairs service here.

Air Conditioner Servicing & Maintenance In Yokine

Irrespective of whether you have just installed a brand-new air conditioning system or using an old system, it is really important that it is maintained to the highest standards.

So Why Is Service & Maintenance That Necessary?

An on-going plan with Air Conditioning AU will:

Preserve your investment
• Save you money
• Pump out clean, quality conditioned air
• Ensure health and safety in your home or place of work

Enjoy The Benefits Of Servicing Your A/C System Efficiently

If you’ve got an a/c system, you’ve made a considerable investment in a finely-tuned piece of equipment. Having an air conditioning service on a regular basis is going to actually save you money.

servicing ACRoutine servicing is going to mean that your air conditioning system will work much more efficiently as well as use less energy, which is much kinder to your wallet and to the environment.

Faults and wear and tear that would otherwise go unnoticed until a breakdown will be discovered early. Thus replacement parts can be ordered in if required, and you’ll escape having to wait weeks for repair work to be performed.

Servicing can typically be done at a time that works for you and your household and fits around your schedule. That’s better than a costly and inconvenient breakdown that can happen at the worst possible time. Find out more on this topic here.

A routine, specialist service will definitely also make sure that you’re ticking all of the boxes when it comes to compliance with the stipulations of your warranty.

Responsive Emergency Service

Our service specialists live within the area they service, making our response to critical situations quick and efficient.

Regardless of whether your a/c system is twenty years old, or installed last year– our team have the depth of knowledge accumulated throughout the years of maintaining and servicing AC systems to resolve pretty much any emergency. Our staff embark on regular training in order to make certain they’re ahead of the curve with recent innovations.

Find out more about our air conditioning servicing and maintenance services here.

Split Air Conditioning Systems In Yokine

home air conditioner repair brisbane The split system air conditioning is one of the most easy to use, clean, quiet and affordable types of air conditioning available in today’s market. The indoor unit may be set up on the wall, ground as well as attached to the ceiling with all refrigerant pipe work and electrical cords being connected to the outdoor unit/ condenser without being visible. Learn more about air conditioning installation around Yokine.

We offer the most energy efficient and quiet split air con systems available on the market.

Full Advantages Of Split System Air Conditioning

• Effortless installation: As there is zero ductwork to install, the systems are definitely much simpler to set up.
• Very easy maintenance: Split system air con units feature washable filters and require small amounts of regular maintenance. Exterior systems are designed for easy access for repair and maintenance.
• Cost effectiveness: split system air conditioning units require minimal routine maintenance and help you save money on electricity bills
• Quiet operation: Interior and outdoor systems are quiet enough that they may be put in almost anywhere without having the worry of causing disruption to anyone.
• Heating capability: A large number of split a/c systems are reverse cycle meaning they heat up and cool down, and so you can live and work comfortably all year round.
• Simple control: All of the split systems include easy to use remote controls loaded with features.
• Beautiful design: Rather than a big, chunky window unit you get a/c systems that blend well into interior decor.

Find out more about split system air conditioning services here.

Residential Air Conditioning For Your Yokine Based Home

It’s fair to say that most people are surrounded by the luxury of air conditioning, whether it be in cars, at your place of work or at the shopping centre, so why not have that luxury at home. Residential air conditioning provides the assurance of knowing that no matter how hot or chilly it may be outdoors, you will be nice and comfortable inside.

Generally air conditioning has been considered both too costly and too obtrusive for use in the domestic setting – now the most recent a/c systems have been made considerably smaller with an appealing contemporary and streamlined appearance – and costing a lot less. Air conditioning is an investment that will absolutely pay dividends. Read more about multi system AC in Yokine.

Residential air conditioning can normally be integrated into virtually any style of property, whether it be an existing home or a property under construction.

The Very Best Household Air Conditioning In Australia

To enjoy the cooling experience that you find in the majority of commercial establishments, come to us. At Air Conditioning AU, our team have a cooling solution that is right for you. Whether your aim is to acquire the most highly energy-saving home air conditioning or the latest modern technology, we have something that will make you happy.

Purchase Your Household Air Conditioning From Us

We are Australia’s premier company with regard to air conditioning systems. Here’s the reason that buying from us comes with many benefits.

Affordability: We have the very best brands and we make them available to you at amazing prices.
• Top quality service: Our staff are known for our excellent installation and maintenance professional services.
• Warranties: All of our work comes with a 12-month warranty, which you can extend (just ask us more about our warranties).

Satisfaction Throughout The Year

With any of our home air conditioning systems, staying cool will be very easy. The brand, size or energy-efficiency you select is dependent on your unique set of requirements. Let our team know specifically what they are and our staff will help you reach the right decision.

In order to get cost effective solutions for home air conditioning, give Air Conditioning AU a call today at 1300 288 579 or shoot us an email using the contact form here for any enquiries you may have.

Our Guarantee

Air Conditioning AU guarantee one year for all installation work carried out, understanding that in an unlikely situation some thing were to happen, our team will be there to repair the problem.

Get more information on residential air conditioning systems here.

Commercial Air Conditioning In Yokine

Why Use Air Conditioning AU?

Your commercial air conditioning requirements are unique. You’ll find that Air Conditioning AU matches that uniqueness. You’ll benefit from:

• Cost-free zero obligation quote
• A smooth design process
• Hassle free installation
• Preventative maintenance servicing
• A cool, inviting space that improves work productivity and sales

With this kind of peace of mind, you can look forward to years of smooth, energy efficient air conditioning from high quality brands.

Whatever your requirements, Air Conditioning AU can work with you to deliver the perfect professional air conditioning solution for your unique circumstances.

air conditioning repair australia

Design Process: What You Can Expect From Air Conditioning AU

As a skilled team we can create a satisfactory solution for your company. Our team have installed in many different warehouses, business offices, restaurants and pubs, shopping malls, units and churches, which has provided us with the experience to design a solution for you and your business that is both functional and energy friendly.

Our engineers and technicians will view the entire space that requires air conditioning, considering size, location, aspect, as well as use when designing the most efficient solution. Read on regarding this here.

All commercial customers benefit from the same exacting level of pre-design review, making sure that– whether you are a modest, medium, or big business– the installation runs exactly how it is required. A complete quote will be supplied detailing every element, and this quote is guaranteed.

Installation: What You Can Expect From Air Conditioning AU

In the very same way that our technicians are perfectionists during the commercial air conditioning design stage, so are they during the installation and beyond. Our technicians are professional in appearance and attitude. They arrive clean, and, when they leave, the area where they have been working will be equally clean.

When carrying out installation, at the forefront of their mind will be two details:

• Locality for effective and easy operation
• Health and safety issues

Get more information on commercial air conditioning systems here.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems In Yokine

As a result of new, innovative modern technology, the Inverter Ducted Systems are more cost-effective to use and quieter to run than conventional air conditioners. These systems can handle greater extremes in climate, are sleeker and much more stable in operation and reach the chosen temperature level faster than conventional a/c systems.

How Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Work

best multi air conditioning australiaDucted air conditioning features a straightforward one-touch controller that manages to keep your property cool throughout summer months and warm during winter months. A ducted air con system is powered via a compressor/condenser that is placed externally. The interior air conditioner may be easily installed in the ceiling or underneath the flooring.

The conditioned air is then circulated through ductwork which leads to vents or diffusers where the conditioned air then warms or cools the individual rooms. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are the best in home comfort and temperature control.


Rooms (and combinations of rooms) may be divided into zones effectively allowing you to pick out which spaces are cooled and which are not at any one time. Doing this allows cost effective cooling of the residential or commercial property as you are able to cool down living spaces in the day and bedrooms at night.

Layout could comprise of:

Zone 1: Family Room and Kitchen
Zone 2: Living and Dining Room
Zone 3: Bedrooms

The operating expenses of air con systems are a great concern for numerous customers; ducted zone control empowers you to manage your own space according to the unique requirements of your house or company.

Pertinent Features Of Ducted Air Con Systems

• Advanced inverter technology continuously adjusts outputs so once the chosen temperature level has been achieved, the air conditioning system ensures that the temperature is kept at that point.
• The capability to cool down or warm a whole entire house as opposed to running two split-system air con units
• Works efficiently in all temperature extremities
• Budget friendly operating costs
• Reverse Cycle heating and cooling units
• Cooling only options
• Exterior air conditioner may be installed in the ceiling, or underneath your property
• Minimizes the loss of cold air that can happen with window mounted systems
• Cold air is dispersed evenly around the room via outlets, unlike split air conditioners
• Courteous quiet temperature control due to outdoor air con system

Get more information on ducted air conditioning systems here.

Serviced Air Conditioner Brands Around Yokine

Here At Air Conditioning AU, we sell, install and service all of the top brands in air conditioning. Whether you require a ducted air con system or something to support your existing air con system, we’re here to help you make the correct decision. Call our team today to find out which air conditioning unit best meet your requirements in your house or for your business.


air-conditioner-brandsActron offer flexible options for home and industrial air conditioning solutions to meet a variety of requirements. Their air conditioning solutions work to provide optimal cooling, whether you require it in a single room or the whole property. Aussies identify Actron as a world leader for manufacturing reliable, energy-efficient air con systems. Check out the Actron information page here.


The Daikin brand is sold in more than 140 countries across the globe and manufactured here in Australia. Daikin is a recognized leader for climate control services and as specialists in making air con systems that excel in efficiency, quality, and durability.

Daikin’s simple D-Mobile app even lets you use your smartphone or tablet to operate your Daikin air con system through Wi-Fi. Check out the Daikin air conditioning information page here.


Consumers recognise the Fujitsu brand for their cutting-edge products that are created to get rid of dirty air particles far better than other brands. Homes with smokers can lower their impact on the rest of the household. Those with allergies to dust or even plant pollen considerably minimize their exposure to these kinds of allergens. Check out the Fujitsu page here.


Mitsubishi is a world leader for their ductless a/c systems. The user-friendly design and superior quality of their mini split systems are just some of the reasons to contemplate a Mitsubishi air con system for your cooling requirements. Mitsubishi are a great choice in warmer weather conditions, summer homes, or perhaps as support for insufficient a/c systems. Check out the Mitsubishi website here.


Panasonic air conditioning brings the same intelligent design to home and office cooling that has forged them as innovators in the technologies sector. The company has more than 30 years in the air conditioning business.

Panasonic’s ducted air con systems are made for Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Cooling works great, even on the hottest days. As soon as temperature decline to frosty, you have the heating you need to stay comfortable. Check out the Panasonic website here.


As a result of their “Environmentally friendly” designs, Samsung air con systems have joined their extensive list of impressive products.

The secret to Samsung’s success is the S-Plasma Ion technology. Samsung a/c systems that possess the “Virus Doctor” use hydrogen and oxygen ions to transform harmful contaminants into water vapour. This technological innovation surpasses just keeping your property cool. It furthermore safeguards you and your home from a variety of airborne illnesses. Check out the Samsung website here.

Read more about air conditioner brands we install and service here.

Multi System Air Conditioning Systems In Yokine

If you are thinking of air conditioning more than just one area of your property, but layout restrictions mean you cannot accommodate a ducted a/c system, our team believe a multi split air conditioning system is a very good other option. These wall mounted units are stylish and sleek with complete comfort and ease of operation. With the varieties of models that are available there is a perfect air conditioning system for your office or home.

best multi air conditioning australiaMulti split systems can air condition as many as 9 rooms using only one outdoor condenser unit. It is possible to customize the air conditioning system to fit your specific requirements with a combination of wall mounted systems.

This a/c system is excellent if you want to separately regulate the temperature within each room or even you would like a different kind of air con system in each room. This not only optimises comfort but is generally energy efficient as wastage is minimized by only air conditioning rooms as and when needed. They would perform nicely in residential houses, flats, villas and townhouses.

Advantages Of Multi Split Systems

User-friendly and affordable:
Multi split air conditioning systems are amongst today’s most cutting edge types of air conditioning. Just one outdoor unit can effortlessly power as much as 9 interior systems simultaneously, but still it remains energy efficient when operating just one inside unit.

Versatile and space saving set up:

Most multi split air conditioning systems may be set up in large size structures and over numerous floors or levels because of the the maximum offered piping length. Numerous internal systems may be attached to one outdoor device as opposed to multiple outdoor systems. This allows you greater setup versatility and space saving options.

Independent unit control:

Every in house unit may be operated and controlled independently. For instance, on/off, temperature setting, air motion and time clock operation. Every unit includes its own wireless remote control.

Find out more about multi systems here.

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