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Ducted System Air Conditioning

With brand new, advanced modern technology, the Inverter Ducted Systems are even more efficient to operate and quieter to run than traditional units. These air con units are able to handle greater extremes in climate, are sleeker and even more stable in operation and reach the desired temperature level more quickly than traditional air conditioners.

How Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Operate

Ducted air conditioning consists of a straightforward one-touch remote control that keeps your house cool throughout hot months and warm during winter months. A ducted air conditioner is powered by means of a compressor/condenser that is set up outdoors. The inside system can be conveniently installed in the ceiling or under the floor covering.

The conditioned air is then distributed through ductwork which leads to vents or diffusers where the conditioned air then heats up or cools down the individual rooms. Ducted reverse cycle systems are the ultimate in home comfort and temperature control.

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Rooms (as well as combinations of rooms) can be split into zones successfully permitting you to select which spaces are cooled and which are not at any one time. Doing this allows cost effective cooling of the building because you can cool living rooms in the day and rooms at night.

Arrangement could comprise of:

Zone 1: Bedrooms
Zone 2: Kitchen and Family Room
Zone 3: Dining and Living Room

The running costs of air conditioning systems are a great concern for many clients; ducted zone control equips you to control your individual space according the unique needs of your household or business.

Pertinent Features Concerning Ducted Air Conditioners

• Highly developed inverter technology consistently adjusts outputs so once the preferred temperature level has been reached, the air con system makes sure that the temperature is maintained at that level.
• The ability to cool or heat up an entire household instead of running two split-system air con units
• Performs effectively in all temperature extremities
• Budget-friendly running costs
• Reverse Cycle heating and cooling units
• Cooling only options
• External system can be installed in the ceiling, or under your home
• Prevents the loss of cold air that might occur with window mounted systems
• Cold air is dispersed evenly around the room through outlets, unlike split systems
• Courteous quiet temperature control because of the outdoor air con system

At Air Conditioning AU our team understand that buying a ducted air conditioner could be one of the largest investments you will make on your house. We put in the time to get to know you and really help personalize a solution that’s right for you.

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