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Split System Air Conditioning

What Do We Mean By Split System Air Con?

There are a range of air con styles that can be referred to as ‘split’. Split air con systems include an outer and inside component, which are linked up via an electric cable and two copper pipelines.

The noisiest and largest section of the air conditioner which contains the compressor is outside whilst the in-house component is generally a lot lightweight and more quiet and may be positioned in just about any area of the internal room.

Contemporary split air con systems are equipped with a remote control, and quite often with a heating setting for warming in the cold weather. The combination of sophisticated controls and a heat setting means that the inside air spaces can effectively be ‘temperature regulated’ by means of modern-day split air con systems, holding the room temperature to within just 1-2 degrees of the temperature level setting.

An additional benefit is that the indoor component often comes with air filtration technology built in to take away fine dust particles, tobacco smoke, plant pollen, bad odours and chemical contaminants.


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Forms Of Split A/C Systems

Duct Mounted

Sometimes described as central air con systems, these are perfect for buildings that have ducted ventilation systems, because it can easily cool down a number of spaces. These are often generally hidden in the ceiling, allowing the flow of cold air or alternatively blending fresh air with cold air.

Floor Mounted

Currently there are two forms of floor mounted split a/c systems:

1. Column air conditioners have the ability to cool down larger sized spaces for instance, foyers or waiting rooms, where a room design limits the installation of smaller systems.
2. A cabinet air conditioning system that usually reaches up to 15,000 BTU is perfect for orangeries and extensions.

Ceiling Cassette

Whether it’s a cartridge air conditioning system or an under ceiling ac system, both these particular subtypes are built for cosmetic purposes because they are installed at ceiling height and far from sight.

The difference is that cassette styles have the ability to deliver cool air in 4 directions (equal to 3 – 4 wall mounted a/c systems), while under ceiling styles can fan cool air horizontally (thus saving people from directly being hit with cool air).

Wall Mounted

Normally set up at a higher level, wall-mounted split air con systems come with a number of capabilities (such as timer, remote control), functions (such as heat pump, air filtration), and aesthetic appeals. That being said, the instalment must be tailor-fitted to the property because there are no interconnecting pipelines between the interior and external air con units.

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